Seasonal Rates

Our Season is from May 15 to October 15.
All seasonal sites are rented to one family: parents and unmarried children (younger than 18).

Please note that all of our seasonal sites are fully booked. We are not accepting anymore names until January 2024 due to the large waitlist.

To be added to our wait list please email your name, trailer size, year of trailer, family members/ages, and phone number.


All lots include septic, 15 amp hydro, and water hookups.
Price Hydro
Medium Lot Starting at $2800.00 $150.00
Premium Lot Starting at $3800.00 $150.00

Not accepting any new names on our waiting list until January 2024 due to large volume of names!

*Please note all payments do not include applicable taxes*

25% of your invoice is due October 15 to cover the deposit to hold your site for the following season.
These deposits are non refundable if you choose to leave for the following season.

Seasonal Visitor Fees

Visitor Pass

Car Pass

Individual Pass 

$5.00 per 24 hrs

$10.00 per 24 hrs

$250.00 for the season